10 Things I Will Miss About Melbourne


Hello friends!

I am actually at the AIRPORT waiting to get on my flight to China – exciting!

So this may be a bit of a rushed post. But I wanted to pay a fond farewell to my home town in all its glory. In that spirit, here are the 10 Things I Will Miss Most About Melbourne

1. Good friends and loving family

I guess this goes without saying, but I will miss them all terribly.


Kate and Iz at Cockatoo island


2. St Kilda

I love where I live. The quirky people, spiky palm trees, the 96 tram, how close it is to the beach and the lake. Plus it has the two BEST bakeries in Melbourne: Woodfrog and Baker D Chirico. 



3. Rose the dog

She’s the craziest little mutt in town: ball obsessed, highly unimpressed with other dogs and small children. But she’s awesome. Rose, I will miss your mad ball chasing skills and single track mind



4. Local birds

I know that Nanjing probably won’t have such a variety of local birds – rainbow lorikeets, wattle birds, seagulls and cockatoos.

5. The beach

We are lucky enough to live just a hop skip and jump from the beach. I know China has beaches, but I don’t think they’ll be as clean and uncrowded as ours.


6. Clean air and camping

These two go hand in hand. We are so lucky in Melbourne, to be able to drive an hour or two away from the big smoke and find ourselves somewhere beautiful like the Yarra Ranges, the Great Ocean Road, Mt Buffalo or Baw Baw. I will miss camping

Tidal river sunset

Tree bower

7. Good coffee

I know you can get coffee in China, but I doubt it will measure up to what the famous baristas of Melbourne produce

coffee edited


8. Pizza

As above – I know you can get it, but it ain’t that good. I will miss $13 pizza Mondays at Italico.

9. Trams

They are cheerful, they are not under the ground in tunnels, they are mostly efficient, and they are very Melbourne

10. Our flat

It’s not huge, but it’s lovely. It’s leafy balcony, the way the morning light filters in through the trees. Even the funny people next door yelling at each other during the night.


OK! They are calling my flight! Next time we speak I will be in Nanjing.

Lots of love,


One thought on “10 Things I Will Miss About Melbourne

  1. Iza!!! I love your post. I left a phone message this morning – but I don’t know if you got it. I just wanted to wish you a safe flight and all the love in the world as you embark on this adventure! You’re going to have a time of your life xxx Ez


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